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Camp Furniture

Camping furniture has come a long way.  Its not just about cheap folding chairs anymore.  Its about comfort, strength, performance, flexibility and pack size.  And its all about the clever engineering that goes into the designs for outdoor furniture and accessories such as drinks holders, folding tables, cooler bags, magazine holders etc.  Todays range of camping furniture is not just for the camp site either.  Its for the beach, the picnic, opera in the park, market stalls and events, birthday parties, and travelling.  The range of camp furniture we have to offer is enormous, and suitable for all these different purposes.  Comfort, quality and pack size are the three main things to look for. We have folding chairs in many different shapes and sizes, camping tables, folding cupboards, camp kitchens, folding clothes lines, sink units, folding stretcher beds and double bunks, hammocks, picnic sets, stove stands, food storage options and much more.  We sell more of our top quality chairs now than we do the budget priced models - people love a comfy chair to sit around the camp fire, some with a fold out side table, and we even sell a little folding side table to go with chairs.  Reclining lounge chairs are often used at home on the patio as well as for camping.  Such a great range to choose from and top quality brands with innovations such as cooler bags in chair arms, drink holders and more.  We have many more options in store that are not on this website.  Get comfortable and relax in style with our range of camping furniture.