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Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package

Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package
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Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package

Can you remember a time when you went camping as a child ? I bet it was in a canvas tent that was dry and warm, and didnt rattle around. The nostalgia of the family camping trip is back.
Canvas tents are still the go, and will last for years longer than any of the cheaper plastic tents on the market now. Not only that, they are much cooler, quieter and stronger.
Diamantina canvas tents are Australia's brand for premium canvas tents for camping holidays.

We cant keep up with the demand for Diamantina Canvas tents. Customers just love them, they are so popular and sell out fast. Why ?
Word of mouth sells these tents and they are widely recognised as the best quality canvas tents in Australia.
They are in demand because they are stronger, much cooler, quieter in winds, and more durable than any other tents.

The Diamantina Hacienda is our biggest selling canvas tent, in fact, we sell so many of them that every year since they've been released we've completely sold out!
The original and the best. The design of this tent has evolved over 30 years to become one of the most popular canvas tents for families in Australia. Also used by commercial operators and tour companies.
Carefully crafted to offer camping holiday accommodation that offers space, head room, air flow, weather protection and strength. A quality canvas tent like this will last 3-4 times longer than an equivalent family dome tent, and will take the same amount of time to set up.
So consider a Diamantina Hacienda canvas tent for your next camping holiday with your family.
The Diamantina Hacienda can sleep up to 12 people, offers features such as zip locks, front and side doors, windoor feature, storage pockets, power cord access, cathedral head height, large front shade awning, rear room divider to create 2 bedrooms, and the front awning can be enclosed with a Sunroom side wall kit to create an extra enclosed room.
This tent offers true value for families who love camping holidays, and we offer the Kangaroo Tent City Tent Price Guarantee - we wont be beaten.
Accessories available for this tent include - Universal Polyester Sunroom Wall Kit, Universal Canvas Sunroom Wall Kit, Side Awning Extensions to provide additional shade.
This great package deal includes the Hacienda 15x12 tent and the Diamantina Polyester Sunroom Kit - three independent wall panels that can encolse the front awning to create an extra room. These panels also feature mesh windows and zip down window covers.

Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package
- Premium quality number 10 coil zippers on the front door and fully zippered window flaps on all windows.
- Single zip door entry with the window built into the door means only one zip to get in and out and the canvas holds the stress and strain that a door creates rather than the weaker mesh.
- NG2XB canvas - The New Generation Premium Blend Canvas has been extensively used and thoroughly tested to provide total weather protection and weather resistance. This extremely durable fabric provides a great mix of strength, waterproofness and breathability.
- 14x14 Weave PE heavy duty floor - the heaviest duty Poly Ethylene weave you can get.
- Super strength gold passivated coasted heavy duty steel frame - a rust resistant coating applied on both the inside and outside of the poles.
- Heavy duty Polycore 150 mesh and windows - a polyester core mesh made with a PVC coating creating a very strong mesh, much stronger than no-see-um that other brands and dome tents use.
- Swivel locks located up high above the door that the zip clips into to prevent the door from opening. Great for keeping the children in.
- Slide back internal window curtains - another Diamantina exclusive feature that allows you to open up the tent for air flow or give you some more privacy.
- The peg points in this tent are 100% watertight with a PVC strip sewn between the webbing and canvas stopping the wicking effect where water is drawn into the tent from peg points.
- This premium family tent also features power cord inlets, elasticised toggles for easy operation to hold up rolled window covers and internal storage pockets.

Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package
Size: 450L x 360W x 215Hcm, 240cm front awning
Pack Size: Canvas tent bag - 112cm x 40cm x 39cm (with outer carton)
Weight: Canvas tent bag - 30.2kg (with outer carton)
Pack Size: Pole bag - 129cm x 28cm x 20cm (with outer carton)
Weight: Pole bag - 37.2kg (with outer carton)

Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package

We have supplied these tents to many tour companies, clubs and groups.
Check out this video showing a Lions Club setting up their annual camp using our tents

Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package

"I bought the Diamantina hacienda with sunroom. The best tent I've ever had. We took it away in September and had some very average weather on our trip. Very strong winds and heavy rain for a few days straight. The tent didn't budge an inch and stayed bone dry the whole time. We found people seeking shelter in our tent as their dome tents either leaked or blown over."
Nigel Anson, Nov 2016.

"I purchased a Diamantina Hacienda 2 room tent and it is brilliant. The tent pegs that came with the tent are fantastic. We were hit by a massive storm last night and not one of the pegs pulled out of the ground unlike the few straight pegs that I had holding a tarp. My question is, can I purchase the same style of peg at kangaroo tent city or order some?? The pegs have the zig zag shape"
Dan Mcgarity

"Ross sold us a Diamantina Hacienda as it was similar in size to one we purchased 30 years ago. We can really recommend it as we had a very bad storm while on holiday and the tent was brilliant with no problems at all. Erecting this tent is simple, it is spacious and affordable with excellent quality materials used in the manufacturing of this tent.
Thanks Kangaroo Tent City."


Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package

Diamantina Hacienda & Polyester Sunroom Package
30% OFF