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Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE

Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE
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Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE

We are excited to realease the new range of Cool Water Yabbie Kayaks in Australia. Latest release designs with new colours and features that offer amazing value for money.
You'll be hard pressed to find a better quality kayak package than this one with all the amazing features for this price.
The Cool Water Yabbie kayak is idea for the recreational paddler, or for kids and teenagers. This package includes the deluxe padded seat and double paddle, fishing rod holders, storage hatches, scuppa plugs and more.


Choose from a large range of colours -
blue, pink, red, sand, lime, orange, purple and black.

Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE
Extremely stable and efficient through the water
2 x 8 inch lock down security hatches, one with dry bag insert, one with moulded bucket floor for secure storage
Paddle float rescue attachment points
Side paddle saddle included
Brass inserts are fitted for mounting an optional forward facing rod holder
Moulded in side carry handles and carry handles each end
Provision for 4 x recessed rod holders
Scupper plugs included in the floor
Extremely comfortable with the Cool Water Deluxe padded seat, as well as a double paddle with reinforced and contoured blades
Swivel fishing rod holder included
Rear luggage net
Ideal for fishing, surfing the waves, cruising the river and having fun

Why Cool Water?

We have learnt a lot of lessons in kayak manufacturing and designs. We have discovered many cheap kayaks on the market that are old or discontinued designs.
We have also learnt some are made to a cheap price by using recycled materials (that are prone to deterioration, cracking, inferior wall strength), and using less raw materials by making the boats thinner and shorter to make them cheap.
Cool Water Kayaks only use first grade UV stabilised polypropelyne materials in the hull, because we have discovered this material has a greater resistance to cracking and degredation, and we are able to make the boat with a more even wall thickness to make it rigid and strong.
The result is an amazing quality kayak that includes fantastic features and quality, and offers comfort and support for anyone to paddle it, and great value for money.
This new range has been evolved over time - with an exciting range of colours to choose from, high quality features, and great value.

Cool Water kayaks are the number one choice for sit-on-top kayaks to suit the whole family because they are easy to paddle, super strong, lightweight and virtually indestructible. A Cool Water Kayak allows the paddler to use the kayak like a ski to surf waves as well as for flat water paddling. The Cool Water Kayak range offers something for children, recreational paddlers, fishing enthusiasts and families. All Cool Water Kayak models are very stable due to the hull design, transferring water easily from the front to the rear of the water craft, allowing the kayak to travel across the surface of the water with very little effort, great stability and tracking. These kayaks are perfect for the recreational paddler as little or no skill is required to paddle them, making them suitable for both the young and the young at heart.
The powder used in the construction is of the highest quality and has a top UV resistance rating. The finished product is carefully inspected and finished to provide a quality watercraft that is strong, looks good and will provide enjoyment on the water for many years to come.
Cool Water boast a range of models to suit different requirements - from a simple beginners kayak right up to a smooth tracking fully fitted out fishing kayak with foot controlled rudder system.
Cool Water Kayaks are made using a roto moulded UV stabilised polypropylene – This durable finish can resist the Harsh Australian climate and is virtually indestructible.
Cool Water Kayaks have been designed with a streamlined front nose reducing the bulk and weight from the front of the kayak, allowing the kayak to track quicker and smoother through the water with less drag.
A structured Chine (side wall of the kayak) with a tapered shape and structured edge to give the side wall more thickness, adding stability to the shape so it won’t flip easily side to side.
Structured water channels on the bottom of the hull from front to back on all the kayaks to track straight through the water and reducing flipping of the front nose.
Easy paddling for all users, plenty of leg room, a stable design, and straight tracking through the water make Cool Water Kayaks the obvious choice.
Cool Water Kayaks all come with a deluxe high back padded seat with a structured back for extra support.
Cool Water Kayaks are fitted with fishing rod holders, storage hatches with a dry bag, luggage nets, scupper plugs in the floor, and carry handles on both the ends and the sides offering great value and quality.

Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE
Weight: 19kg Length: 2.95m Width: 79cm Load Capacity: 100kg
(please note - weight rating for kayaks are a maximum load capacity. It is not recommended to over load a kayak as this will impact performance and traction through the water)

Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE



Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE
From a member of the Australian Kayak Fishing Forum
"New comers are always asking us for recommendations for a smallish cheap first kayak here and I must admit I haven't been of much use lately as I haven't kept up with developments in the market. But yesterday I spotted a new brand of kayak I hadn't seen before, and to say I was impressed is an understatement.
Cool Water Kayaks is new to me, and they only have a small range of two or three kayaks at present, but the designs, finish and fittings from what I saw are first rate. The specs of this particular model make it an ideal first (or second) smallish fishing platform, and at 2.9 metres it's slightly longer than the normal 2.7 meter offerings at this price point. The design of the hull combined with an upswept bow suggests it's not only stable, but a relatively fast manoeuvrable and dry ride. I thought the inbuilt raised centre console with well nuts for a rod holder/fish finder was a nice touch, as were included scupper plugs and covers on the rear inbuilt rod holders. All deck fittings are brass inserted well nuts, which again is unusual on a yak at this price point, and the seating position (with the good looking included high back seat) looked quite comfortable. To top it off there is a useful if smallish rear well with bungy’s. If I was looking for a second yak for bass fishing rivers etc. I would find it hard to go past this little beauty. And apparently they have another larger single in the pipeline, so this mob could be one to keep an eye on. PS - I have no commercial involvement with Cool Water Kayaks.
Cheers Paul"
Cool Water Yabbie Kayak PACKAGE
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