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Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs has been built from humble beginnings, by families who love going camping, and who love to help other families enjoy a camping holiday or an active outdoor lifestyle.  Over the years we have learnt a few things about good practical designs, quality of product, and a few handy hints to help our customers have fun outside.  The journey over the past 60 odd years has been our pleasure.  We love nothing more than to see smiles on our customers faces who come back to tell us their stores of their great camping holidays.  This has been going on for decades and we hope to continue this tradition for decades to come.

Its the smiles we receive from our customers that make what we do fun.  And we love to serve.  Our staff are down to earth, hands on and practical.  We will tell it to you straight, give you some advice when you need it, and let you wander and make your own decisions when you don't.  We want you to relax with us, and hope you enjoy the shopping experience we are aiming to deliver for you - a warm and friendly environment where you are free to wander around and dream of times in the sunshine away from the office.

Customer service is pretty important for what we do.  Many of the products we offer are technical in nature, or require some hands on skills and knowledge.  And we aim to help you learn.  We like to think of ourselves as teachers for those who are interested in what we have to say.  We are not a department store, or a major shopping chain - just a bunch of guys and girls who just love outdoor stuff and sharing it with you.  And hope you come to love this stuff half as much as we do.

Some of our staff members have been on the Kangaroo Tent City and BBQS team not for years, but for decades.  The combined years of experience in the outdoor industry is a little scary to add up.  But thats what we bring to the table - experience, know how, and practicality, with a little smile as well.

Here a just a couple of memorable testimonials we have received -

January 2014 -

"I come in holidays in sydney. i also take time to come in one of your store (chatswood), to buy two dome tents. when i came in this store a person take care of me (i can't remember is name). there was no more the models i want to buy. he try to find them in another store, but all these models were sell. he take time to show me new models of other providers. when i made my choose, this man organise the delivery of the tent i buy to my hotel in sydney. that was really important for me because i didn't know how to do without this service. thnak a lot. i hope this man can recognise himself with this feedback. sorry for my english, i am french"

Herve Guieysse, New Caledonia

December 2013 -

To The Manager Kangaroo Tent City Caringbah

I would like to comment on the excellent customer service by one of your staff members yesterday – Myriam (Hope I have correctly spelt her name)

I dealt with Myriam several time via the phone & then my husband Joseph went in to collect our purchase.

When he arrived home he also commented on her very pleasant courteous & professional manner .

It is so refreshing in this day and age & especially this time of year . Merry Christmas & Thanks You.

Joseph & Trish Aouad

Alfords Point

(there are many more customer testimonials you can read from the home page of this website)

Our customers are our key focus. We strive to make your experience shopping with us a very satisfying one. Should you have any questions, or simply wish to offer a suggestion, please send us an email to info@kangarootentcity.com.au.
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