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In House Canvas Repair and Manufacturing Service

Photo above - The brand new 5 star Zoofari tents at Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo overlooking the African animal savanah.  10 x new 5 star tent sites were installed in 2014 and all the canvas tents for this site were made by Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs.
Since 1949, Kangaroo Tent City and BBQ's has always been a manufacturer of canvas tents, awnings, bags, covers, and tarpaulins.  Virtually anything can be made from canvas, PVC or polyester materials.  We have been manufacturers of Canvas Touring Tents for bus tour companys to Central Australia, Marquees for various Scout Groups and events, canvas tarps and covers, and manufacturers of unusual items - such as musical instrument covers, and weatherproof PVC camera covers for the major TV networks to shoot outdoor sporting events.
Today we have one of the largest ranges of tents and shelters available in Australia.  Our expertise is still in design and manufacturing of outdoor shelters, and our extensive knowledge and advice is actively requested throughout the outdoor industry.  We provide advice and support to holiday park owners, scout groups, outback tour companies, remote outback stations, remote accommodation providers, equestrian horse riding schools who provide camp accommodation, exploration projects for mining companies, zoos, schools who provide student camps, and many more.  We can offer a customer service to make shelters or canvas items to your requirements, and in addition source and develop other products to cater to the unique needs of these client groups that are not found in mainstream stores.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo - Zoofari Project
Photo above - a close up view of the recently completed 5 star Zoofari Tents at Taronga Western Plains Zoo proudly made by Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs.
Recently we have been contracted to make architecturally designed tents for the 5 star "Zoofari" accommodation sites for Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo NSW.  The 5 star overnight tent accommodation at the Zoo in Dubbo has been very popular, offering a unique experience with animal tours at night and in the morning, quality overnight accommodation and an African style feast in the 5 star African themed bar and dining room for guests.  Expansion of the "Zoofari" overnight accommodation experience at the Zoo has seen the development of another 10 luxury 5 star tent accommodation sites that overlook an African style Savannah where the animals roam free in the late afternoon and early mornings.  These new "Zoofari" tent sites offer 5 star luxury in a studio style open plan bedroom, with attached ensuite room, airconditioning, and an enclosed deck offering expansive views of the animals.  Photos of the tents being built are shown below.  This new development is set for completion in mid 2014 and Kangaroo Tent City and BBQ's have been selected as the exclusive manufacturers of the canvas tents for this project, customising the design features to suit the unique requirements of the frame, deck and roof designs.
Please contact us for advice to manufacture canvas awnings, all shapes and sizes of protective covers for items such as musical instruments, outdoor TV cameras, machinery covers, marquees and canvas shelters.  Please contact us on 02 47334111 or email info@kangarootentcity.com.au to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Photo above - Installation of the first of 10 new Zoofari Tents by Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo