Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs

About Us - The History of Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs

Photo above - copy of the front page of the Kangaroo Tent City tent catalogue from 1980
Our Vision - "To inspire people to enjoy life outdoors"
Welcome to a real outdoor lifestyle store.  I say real because we are proud of our history and dedication in providing quality camping and outdoor equipment for the Australian market.  We have been around since 1949 and have a depth of expertise that is not common in todays world of big box retail stores, or online marketers.  We are passionate about outdoor products - Tents such as Coleman Tents, Diamantina Canvas Tents, Black Wolf Tents and Oztrail Tents, camping accessories such as Engel Fridges, tarpaulins, sleeping bags, mattresses, canvas swags, camping chairs and tables, portable Coleman lanterns, kayaks and Sevylor Boats, portable BBQs for travelling such a Weber Q BBQs, and Everdure BBQs for the backyard, camper trailers by Oztrail, Diamantina and Opus, and outdoor furniture for the backyard made by reputable companies such as Shelta.  Our network of physical stores across NSW are large in scale and in range, representing a wide variety of trusted brand names in the camping and outdoor industry.  We stock Australia's largest range of tents and are proud to be able to help people choose from a wide variety of styles and designs.  We have designers, repairers and retail experts with a long history in the outdoor industry in Australia.  We now have this fantastic user friendly website integrated with our stores to offer direct shipping services to locations all over Australia, click and collect services with our stores, and a great range of products you can order direct without leaving your computer.
This variety of shopping choices makes us unique - small enough to offer great flexibility and service on call, and large enough to tap into great buying power and offer the lowest possible prices every day on a large range of outdoor gear.  We offer a tent price guarantee - we wont be beaten.  Take the time to visit us and look at our stores, and you will discover Kangaroo Tent City has the best gear at the best prices.  We've been delivering outdoor happiness to customers all over Australia for over 65 years and seen lots of changes in this time, and have also been the innovators of change.  Please call us or visit our stores, and let us show you the wonderful world of the outdoors with some great outdoor lifestyle products from the outdoor product experts.
Our first retail store was on Parramatta Rd Camperdown, an inner western suburb of Sydney.  We started as a family owned and operated business and are one of the oldest camping and outdoor retailers in Australia.  Today there are multiple stores, an active online business from multiple online chanels, and a wide variety of outdoor related products for camping, hiking, kayaking, outdoor entertaining in the backyard, trekking, travelling, boating, fishing, picnicing or just relaxing.
Our philosophy and challenge is to help people enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.  "Do It Outdoors" is our slogun - we love outdoor living, getting people outside to explore, sharing outdoor experiences with children, travelling to unknown destinations, and living an active outdoor lifestyle.  We dont want new developments in technology to take away from the childhood joys of running through a shallow creek bed, the smell of an open campfire, and the serenity of paddling a kayak on a glass-like river at sunrise.  Some of life's greatest moments and memories come about by chance, and we like to think we are promoting the ultimate lifestyle choice to create magical memories to last a lifetime.
The active outdoor lifestyle we promote is not just for the adventurers.  It can also be a passive experience - we cater for all ages, personalities, and lifestyles.  For example - Going for a walk in the park, having a BBQ in the backyard, taking children to the beach, hitting the road with a camper trailer, or sitting quietly in your comfy outdoor lounge in your backyard with a glass of wine and a good book.  An active outdoor lifestyle can mean all these things, and we have the products and know how to help you experience these wonderful moments.
Our slogun "Do It Outdoors" means
- It doesn't require power
- It doesnt polute the atmosphere
- It doesnt require a prescription
- It doesnt require chemicals
- It doesn't harm animals or children
- It doesn't involve the use of performance enhancers
- It doesn't require a license
- It doesn't put on unwanted weight
- It will get you active
- It will bring you knowledge
- It will bring you confidence
- It will bring you happiness
- It will bring you enlightenment
- It will develop friendships
- It will help you relax and unwind
- It will help you escape the everyday
- It will make you smile
It all starts with the confidence to give it a go, to make a decision, to try something new.  Sure you may not be an expert at first and may make some mistakes along the way, but to take a step forward into the unknown is one of life's joys.  Come visit one of our showrooms and let us explore with you the possibilities of what our products and services can deliver.  It may change your life.
For Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs this positive, give it a try approach to explore the outdoors began with a comprehensive range of tents and temporary outdoor shelters.  We have been providers of outdoor shelters for scout groups, government departments, tour companies, and individuals throughout Australia for over 60 years, and today we have one of the largest range of tents and shelters available - made by experts from Australia's leading brand names, and many of our own unique products and designs as well.  Throughout our history we have been manufacturers of outdoor shelters, as well as designers, and our extensive knowledge of tents, temporary shelter designs and materials makes us experts in this field, and today our advice is actively requested throughout the outdoor industry.
Whilst our manufacturing scale has reduced in Australia, we still maintain a workshop to manufacture customised products.  We still make custom made tents like the 5 star "Zoofari" tents we have made for Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, canvas awnings, all shapes and sizes of protective covers for items such as musical instruments, outdoor TV cameras, machinery covers, marquees, and alterations.  This service and expertise is unique and not often found in camping and outdoor stores today.
What began as a product offer for camping enthusiasts, has evolved over the years to become so much more.  The products we offer today can be used in a variety of situations and are not just for camping.  This equipment is used in backyards, beaches, parks, parties and social events, as well as for touring and travelling.  The range of BBQs and creative outdoor furniture designs for the backyard are a feature category in our stores that will add a touch of style to your outdoor entertaining areas.
Kangaroo Tent City was the first retailer to offer to the Australian market a "Tent on Wheels" - which has evolved over time to become the Camper Trailer Industry in Australia and today we offer a large variety of choices for customers looking for different Camper Trailer designs.
The product mix we offer in our stores and online is extensive and includes Australia's leading brands in the following categories - tents, outdoor shelters, portable gazebos, sleeping bags, back packs, camper trailers, mattresses, gas stoves and lanterns, swags, footwear for hiking, portable and backyard BBQ's, outdoor furniture for both the backyard and for travelling, rainwear and outdoor clothing, market umbrellas and shade products, inflatable boats, kayaks, tarpaulins,  hammocks, picnic equipment, beach chairs and shelters, camping tables, cupboards, clothes lines, eskis and coolers, portable refridgeration, foldable solar panels, portable generators, maps and books, and other camping accessories.
Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs have won a number of major industry awards over the years.  In 1996 and 1999 Kangaroo Tent City and BBQ's was awarded 'Camping Retailer of the Year' by the Caravan and Camping Industry Association of NSW.  Kangaroo Tent City has also taken out the major awars at the Caravan, Camping, 4WD and Holiday Supershow at Rosehill Racecourse - Best Overall Display in 2004 from over 400 exhibitors, Best Camping Display 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2011, Safety Management Award at the Caravan, Camping and Holiday Supershow in 2012, finalist in the Western Sydney Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award in 2012, and finalist in the Caravan, Camping Industry Association Trade Awards for 2012.
Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs has a genuine philosophy to promote and sell equipment that can be trusted to work.  This is why we only deal with the premium brand names, and products that have been tried and tested.  What we represent is unique, genuine and sincere to deliver a product mix that offers quality, style and great value.
At Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs we dont believe we need to offer a customer loyalty card or discount plan to attract customers.  We believe if we offer quality products that are constantly being tested, upgraded and improved, and they are offered at great prices every single day, and we combine this with sincere service that comes from the heart, then customers will be loyal and shop with us.  We have staff members who have been with us not for years, but decades, and the experience that comes with that is priceless.
Company History
Kangaroo Tent City was established in Sydney as a manufacturer of canvas products in 1949. The original business was at Camperdown - a three storey building still in existence today, focussing on both European and Australian made tents, and Australian made camping furniture. Kangaroo Tent City was the first frame tent manufacturer in Australia. Producing items such as marquees, tarps, flys and any other canvas manufacturing or alteration work as required.
All types of canvas goods were made under the direct supervision of well-known canvas specialist at the time, Mr R Tierney. The business became well established and began importing a large range of camping related items such as European made canvas tents, Coleman coolers and lanterns, and camping furniture.
In the late 1970's the business moved premises to the corner of Mallet St and Parramatta Rd Camperdown and remained at this location for almost 30 years. By this time Kangaroo Tent City had established itself as Sydney's premiere camping retailer and was the largest retailer of camping products in NSW. Tents and equipment were supplied to clients from all around Australia, as well as supplying government departments and the Australian Defence Forces.
In 1980 one of the first "Tent on Wheels" was introduced by Kangaroo Tent City - called the Kangaroo Camper.
In the early 1980's a second store was opened in Mayfield near Newcastle. The Newcastle store was sold in the late 1980's.
For the next 5 years the single store operation remained at Camperdown in Sydneys inner west.
In 1990 Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs began promoting and selling a range of BBQs and outdoor furniture for the backyard.
In 1991 a new store was opened at Penrith to cater for Sydney's greater west.  This was a large store over two levels with approximately 1500 square metres of showroom space and the largest tent display in Greater Western Sydney.  This store operated from these premises for 20 years.
In 1995, a third store was opened, this time in Tuggerah on the Central Coast. The Central Coast at the time was a developing community of new suburbs and homes, and the Tuggerah store quickly became established as the preferred camping and outdoor store for the region, with a large demand for items such as camping gear, outdoor furniture and BBQs.
In November 2001 a fourth store was opened at Chatswood on Sydney's North Shore.  A smaller store that focussed purely on camping and BBQ products, with approximately 750 square metres of shoroom over 2 levels.  This store has the largest tent display on the North Shore of Sydney.
On December 21st, 2003 the head office store at Camperdown, which had been in this location for 30 years, was closed down and relocated to a new location at the corner of Church & Seville Streets, North Parramatta.  The Parramatta store became the new head office and boasts a 1700 square metre showroom.
In August 2007 Kangaroo Tent City at Maitland was opened to serve the customers of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.  This is a thriving store for camping products for the Hunter Region of NSW, offering 2 levels of product display across 800 square metres of showroom space.
In September 2010, an exciting new store at Caringbah was opened to serve the needs of the Sutherland Shire in Sydneys South.  1400 square metres of showroom, with a large tent display as well as BBQs, outdoor furniture, kayaks and camper trailers.
In one of the sadest events of the company's history, the Penrith store burnt to the ground in an unfortunate fire on 2nd November 2010.  After 20 years in this location, everything was lost overnight in a horrible fire that engulfed the whole building and buildings either side.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but there was nothing left to salvage.  This event naturally caused turmoil to the business operations in the lead up to Christmas, however with great support from a dedicated team of staff who rallied together, Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs recovered as quickly as possible, to ensure customer needs were fulfilled.
In October 2011, Kangaroo Tent City opened another new store at Warrawong to cater for the camping and outdoor needs of the Illawarra region and customers from Southern NSW.  This store is in the prime shopping strip of King Street in Warrawong and boats a 1600 square metre showroom, with the largest tent display in the Illawarra region and Southern NSW.
In October 2014, Kangaroo Tent City went through another change.  Head office and warehouse was relocated to Arndell Park in Sydney's Greater West to a bigger and better facility.  The North Parramatta store was relocated to an exciting new store built on the corner of Victoria Ave and Gladstone Rd, Castle Hill to better cater for the growing population of Sydney's North West.
Kangaroo Tent City has exclusive product ranges in Safari Tents, dome tents, family canvas tents, kayaks, swags, camper trailers, sleeping bags, jackets, mattresses, camping furniture and more.  As well as the leading national and international brands famous in the camping and outdoor industry.
Kangaroo Tent City and BBQS is still a family owned Australian business with family values at its core.  We have grown from humble beginnings through dedication, sacrifice and hard work over many years.  We have often battled as the underdog in a market dominated by major retail chains by remaining loyal to our core values of placing the needs of the customer first by providing quality products at everyday low prices.  We continue to give the major retail chains competition, have a never give up attitude, and aim to ensure consumers pay the right price for decent quality products.  We have held our market position, values, traditions, and heritage in an ever changing and challenging retail environment, over a history of some 60 odd years.
In holding true to our traditions of quality gear and knowledgeable service, the Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs brand has managed to maintain its store operations, and establish itself as a market leader in online retailing of camping and outdoor equipment, supplying equipment to clients from all corners of Australia.  With 6 stores operating in greater Sydney and NSW and a strong online operation, Kangaroo Tent City has become the largest independent retailer of premium brand name camping and outdoor gear in NSW.
Many clients who have been shopping at Kangaroo Tent City for 20 years or more are still visiting the stores today. Comments such as, 'I purchased my first tent from here 25 years ago and I still have it today', are often heard.  Even recently a long term customer who purchased their first Andre Jamet French made canvas tent from Kangaroo Tent City some 30 years ago, came back again to purchase one of our top quality exclusive safari tents from South Africa.  It brings a smile to our faces when we recognise our regular clients who still choose to shop at Kangaroo Tent City for all their camping and outdoor products after all these years.
Kangaroo Tent City and BBQs have a wonderful team of staff who are proud of the company's heritage and traditions.  All Kangaroo Tent City stores offer choice from a wide variety of premium brands.  Updated market advice is always available from industry experts and you will always be treated with courtesy.  Don't forget - "Do It Outdoors".